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Safety Check

Before going on a long drive, you should always perform at least a tyre safety check to ensure that you don’t run into any unexpected problems.
✓ A free duty of care vehicle check
✓ Tyre tread, pressure & condition check
✓ Visual exhaust check
✓ Visual suspension check
✓ Battery charge check
✓ Oil level check
✓ Lights check
✓ Screen washer check
✓ Wipers check
✓ Air conditioning check (if applicable)

Our Services

Tyre Repairs: Come and see one of our expert technicians for a full diagnosis of the problem and get your tyres repaired.
Wheel Balancing: Wheels that are not balanced correctly will produce vibration as well as premature wearing of tyres, suspension and steering components.
Engine Oils & Fluid: Lubricating oil is a vital component of every engine. We offer a range of high-quality oils.
Car Parts & Accessories: Our TYREPLUS dealers stock a wide range of auto accessories and minor spare parts such as wipers, floor mats, filters, brake pads and more.


Tyres: A wide range of top quality tyres for all types of vehicles and budgets.
Brakes: Our full brake inspection examines the condition of all your car brakes and its components such as brake pads and discs.
Batteries: A wide range of batteries to fit most passenger cars, SUVs & light commercial vehicles.
Car Parts and Accessories: A
wide range of auto accessories & minor spare parts such as wipers, floor mats, filters, brake pads and more.

Engine Oils & Fluids: We offer a range of high-quality oils which will ensure your engine keeps running clean and trouble-free.

Get your Car sorted out fast & conveniently

Steps to take:

1. Choose your Tyres & your service
2. Make an appointment
3. Confirm your appointment

Everything will be ready for you on the day of your appointment, just show up!

More about TYREPLUS Tygervalley
Welcome to TYREPLUS Tygervalley your Michelin tyre dealer in Cape Town. Meet our team of trained specialists and get advice or assistance in the selection and fitting of your Michelin tyres.
TYREPLUS Tygervalley is part of a franchise network of professional tyre and car maintenance service centres offering high-quality products and vehicle-related services at competitive prices.
We offer a wide range of premium, mid-range and budget car tyre and vehicle maintenance services for all your needs.
Our skilled and professional auto mechanics take care of any needs and concerns you have and will ensure that work is to the highest standard.
The strength of the TYREPLUS network comes in the form of every shop being an independent entrepreneur. They’re trained to follow quality standards while giving you localised services and customer support.
Find summer or winter tyres and learn about the condition and wear of specific tyres for cars, SUV, or 4×4… Don’t wait to visit Tyreplus Tygervalley to find tyres for your vehicle and your driving comfort.
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